​Director Nomination Policy ​

​​​         KBank places importance on the transparent process and criteria for director nomination in accordance with the Statement of Corporate Governance Principles. This is to ensure that the Board of Directors comprises persons of diverse knowledge, skills and experience that will benefit KBank’s long-term operations and in alignment with our business directions and strategies, as well as sustainable development. ​

         The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee is responsible for selecting and nominating persons having qualifications as determined by KBank, including accepting proposition of qualified candidates by shareholders or selecting those from the director pool database to be nominated to the position of director in accordance with the Board of Directors’ resolution. Selection guidelines include:

  1. ​Considering persons having appropriate qualifications without any characteristics prohibiting them from holding a directorship in a financial institution per the criteria of the relevant regulatory agencies and the Bank’s Articles of Association, or defining other necessary qualifications that are in line with KBank’s business strategies.    
  2. Considering other factors, including an appropriate mix of experts in different disciplines, taking into consideration, composition, size and diversity of the Board, based on the board skill matrix.​  
​         Moreover, guideline for considering diversity of the Board includes gender, race, nationality, age, skills, knowledge, competency, experience and independence, etc.​