KBank - OfficeMate to support franchisees of OfficeMate Plus+

         KASIKORNBANK PCL (KBank) has teamed with OfficeMate to extend loans to OfficeMate Plus + franchisees to support customers who aspire to own a convenience store to sell IT equipment, office appliances, and furniture of the leading office supplies brand in Thailand.  Even persons with no previous experience can apply for loans up to 333 percent of collateral value. The stationery and office equipment market is said to enjoy bright prospects, expanding at 7 percent annually with the market value in 2019 worth an estimated 56 billion Baht. Fifteen OfficeMate Plus+ franchise outlets are set to open this year and the network will be expanding throughout every district in Thailand within 10 years.
          Mr. Surat Leelataviwat, KBank Executive Vice President, said that at present, it is more challenging for business operators to start a business and survive in the long run because of the changing consumer behavior and the threat of new competitors.  Therefore, it is important for them to remodel their business in line with the changing environment. KBank has the policy to support entrepreneurs with solid business prospects, and encourage newcomers to invest in quality franchise brands as seen by the fact that the more than 60 franchise brands selected by KBank are of high quality and with good prospects for sustainability, as they are all in markets with high growth potential. KBank’s outstanding franchise loans total 2.52 billion Baht.
          OfficeMate has succeeded in transforming its business from simply being a retailer selling office stationery, to penetrating the B2B market, becoming a leader in the B2B segment and expanding to franchise business. OfficeMate’s accomplishment is a product of KBank’s collaboration with the Department of Business Development to provide training, knowledge and support for entrepreneurs to develop their own franchise brands.  Being a participant in the program has helped OfficeMate in the launch of its OfficeMate Plus+ franchise brand.
          OfficeMate Plus+ focuses on serving small entrepreneurs and online merchants, especially online traders with a high growth rate. OfficeMate Plus+ has products that this customer group needs. Moreover, OfficeMate x Kerry Express is ready to provide express delivery service. Entrepreneurs interested in doing business as an OfficeMate Plus+ franchise can apply for loans to either start or revamp their business, as well as refinancing up to 333 percent of collateral value, with no business experience required. If applying for the loan package together with other financial services, borrowers will be entitled to a discount on fees including front-end fee and fees for the use of financial products (EDC/ K PLUS SHOP/ Payroll), together with special interest rates. KBank aims to approve 150 million Baht worth of loans for OfficeMate Plus+ franchisees by the end of this year.
          Mr. Worawoot Ounjai, Chief Executive Officer of COL Company Limited, said that the retail market of office supplies has bright prospects. Market value of the stationery and office equipment market in 2019 stands at 56 billion Baht, and it is expected to grow at an average of 7 percent per year until 2023. In addition, as consumer behavior has turned to a preference for online shopping, and they are looking for suppliers that can facilitate their shopping via the ‘One-Stop Solutions’ model, OfficeMate has fully transformed the business to become the leader in the B2B solutions market, focusing on sales channels through both online and offline  or omni-channel.
          Miss Wilawan Rerkriengkrai, President of OfficeMate, added that OfficeMate is committed to improving its service to win the hearts of customers by offering ‘One-Stop Solutions’ with a wide range of products to address the preferences of every business segment including SMEs and online merchants. Additionally, the availability of omni-channel makes it easy for customers to shop via the channel of their choice, including the Officemate.co.th website, OfficeMate Mobile App, Chat & Shop via Line: @OfficeMate, OfficeMate store and OfficeMate Plus+ franchise outlets nationwide. OfficeMate has also invested more than 1 billion Baht in the creation of a smart high-tech warehouse.
          The OfficeMate Plus+ franchise is another milestone for OfficeMate because with it, the company can incorporate its strengths, namely logistics and online operations in business management, to achieve maximum business efficiency. In addition, the advantages and appeal of OfficeMate Plus+ lay in its ability to offer “Everything” – OfficeMate Plus+ presents all products and services from leading brands via physical store and online channels in a similar fashion to what is available at OfficeMate stores. “Easy" – OfficeMate Plus+ manages product availability to ensure that the desired products are readily available to serve customers at all times, while updating and introducing new products in the franchisees’ stores. The products will be constantly updated and changed to match every target group. Plus, business operators can check sales turnover and lists of products anywhere and anytime on their smartphone and computer. “Fast" – OfficeMate Plus+ is equipped with a software and swift management system which allows entrepreneurs to launch their business with recommendations about locations and customers made by experts from a franchise clinic. The entrepreneurs will be nurtured by support from the head office through both recommendations and training, including marketing promotion activities, product selection, and shop decor. This year, the company plans to open 15 OfficeMate Plus+ franchise stores, and it aims to eventually open franchise stores in every one of the 900 districts in Thailand, or one district, one franchise outlet nationwide.
          Miss Wilawan added that interested business operators can ask for more information at Line: @OFM_Plus; or tel. 1281, press 6; or www.ofmplus.com, and hear more about OfficeMate Plus+ franchise investment on July 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at K ONLINESHOP SPACE, 5th floor, Central World, near the entrance to Isetan. Interested persons can register at the K SME page on Facebook.